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 We now have an Online Store where you can order prescription products, over- the-counter supplies, foods, and various other products for home delivery.  Click the blue Online Store button it from this page or the medicine/pharmacy page under the "Services" tab above.  Or, click the "Home Delivery" VETSOURCE logo on the homepage!


New Services


Preventive Health Care Plans

We now have several Preventive Health Care Plans (Kittens, Puppies, Adult Dogs & Cats (with and without oral diagnostic and treatment procedure), and Senior or Special Needs Dogs and Cats).  These plans allow you to provide all of the preventive care we recommend including year-round monthly heartworm and flea prevention at a greatly reduced priced as well as you receive discounts on all other services and products.  Click the tab at left titled "Preventive Health Care Plans."   If any questions, call our office!


Budget Spays and Neuters - click on "Services" then "Budget Services" for reduced cost spays and neuters.  We also participate in Spay Neuter Services of Indiana (SNSI) February and October discounts as well as their Spay Neuter Assistance Program (SNAP)


Budget Option Vaccines

We have added an option for a reduced-cost, brief examination in association with vaccines for healthy pets, 6 mos  to 5 years of age, that have had vaccines previously and whose owners have no medical or behavioral concerns for the pet.   These will be only be scheduled on Wednesdays for outpatients but are also available for patients that are being dropped off for boarding, grooming, and elective surgeries.   There is a reduced fee for the brief examination; clients requesting information on various problems will either be billed for a full examination or will be asked to re-schedule due to time limitations.  Click on "budget services" for more details

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 New Products

 Bravecto is an oral 3 month duration product for fleas and ticks for dogs.  No messy topicals that get washed off.  Studies have shown improved effectiveness partly due to increased compliance:   when fleas occur, we recommend a minimum of 3 months' treatment but many client just treat once.   Better yet, keep you pets on flea control year round or at least during warmer months.   Just released is a topical version of Bravecto for cats; once again, 3 month duration without the hassle or giving them a tablet

Cytopoint is a new injectable product for allergic dermatitis in dogs that lasts 4-6 weeks.  It uses monoclonal antibodies to block the action of allergens from entering the cells and initiating the itch response which makes it much safer than medications.

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You won't get these discounts in pet stores or internet  stores, nor do you get the guarantees (and you might not even be getting the real product... counterfeit products are rampant on the internet).. and often our prices are less than online anyway, even before the rebate

Heartguard Plus - Buy 12 and receive a $12 rebate

Revolution - Earn up to a $35 rebate depending on amount purchase

Proheart  12-  12 months heartworm prevention injection: earn up to $30

ZOETIS PetCare Rewards:  (Available ONLY through your veterinarian) The following products are eligible to redeem a "cashback" reloadable Mastercard:   Apoquel, Revolution & Proheart12  For each purchase of qualifying products you earn points worth dollars that are loaded onto your card to use for ANYTHING here at the clinic.  Go to to sign up.