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Because of the shorter life span of our pets, we stress the importance of an annual physical examination. Thorough check-ups and preventive care can help alleviate serious health problems.  It is always more rewarding and less expensive to treat a condition when we have been able to diagnose it early on, preferably before symptoms even develop.  Better yet is to prevent a problem in the first place!  We offer a wide range of veterinary services to keep your companions feeling their best, ranging from preventive care to intensive hospital care and surgery.  To help with expenses of preventive care, we offer special Preventive Health Care Packages for puppies, kittens.  For more information, click on "Other Features," then "Preventive Health Care Packages" from the menu above.  Dr Hans' advanced training has made him popular for second opinions; we often receive referrals from other hospitals for difficult case work-ups, ultrasounds, reproductive work, and special surgeries.   Rest assured that if a consultation with a specialist is needed, we will advise you -- we often do this over the internet too.  We offer a surgical laser for most surgical procedures and we also have a therapy laser that is beneficial for nearly all types of chronic pain and inflammation (such as arthritis) as well as acute injuries, wounds, and surgical pain.

A lifetime of care is our commitment to you and your pets. From puppy or kittenhood to the senior citizen stage of old age, we will be there for you for anything from simple advice to medicine or surgery or simply to share your joy or sorrow.  In fact, we can help you with pet selection before you get your next friend and provide grief counseling or support when  your old friend passes on.

Click on any of the areas to the left for information on services we offer.  For  more detailed problems, give us a call!     574-654-3129