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We are a member of the Pet Care Services Association (formerly the American Boarding Kennel Association) and pledge to provide your pet with optimal care when you trust him to us when you have to be out of town.   Our boarding facility is separate from hospitalized pets so you don't have to worry about your friend being around sick animals.   The indoor areas are heated and air-conditioned to keep our guests comfortable.   Their bedrooms are sanitized twice daily, or more often as needed, to keep your friend clean.   The facility is centrally monitored for fire and security 24 hours a day, and frequent air exchanges for proper ventilation minimizes odor and respiratory disease risk.  Soft music plays 24 hours a day to relax them and to minimize anxiety about being away from home.  We recommend making reservations as soon as you make your own travel plans to be sure we have space for your four-legged family members.  Holidays and summer weekends often fill up well in advance.  Click on "Other Features" above, then "coupons" for a free boarding night with VIP upgrade for your pet's first stay. 

TiffanyDogs are provided with individual indoor/outdoor runs.  Weather permitting, they can go in and out as they choose, allowing them to get plenty of exercise.  Otherwise, they will get to go in and out at least four times daily.  Fresh bedding is provided in each run twice daily.  You can also select our V. I. P. (Very Important Pet) option that provides your pooch with a minimum of 15 minutes of individual attention time, divided to twice daily, which consists of walks, playtime, and one-on-one handling such as petting and playing.   He will also get a special bed, toys, and a bedtime biscuit:  a Gour-mutt cookie from our Barker's Nook.   The outdoor walking and play area is enclosed to further ensure your pet's safety.  

Cats are housed in kitty condos that have multiple tiers for them to stretch their legs and different sections for them to explore.  The condos are in a separate room from the dogs so that they are not stressed by the sounds of the dogs playing.  Bedding and litter boxes are changed twice daily.   V.I.P. options for our kitties include a guaranteed double size condo for extra space, play toys, and individual play time as well as petting and playing, which consists of at least 15 minutes of free time divided to twice daily.  When they are loose, they can lounge on wide windowsills to watch the birds at the fountain or feeder outside their large window or to view the fish swimming in the aquarium in their play area.  

our yardDay Care is another option if you do not want to leave your friend home alone all day.   This is useful for young, energetic dogs who need to burn off energy by getting additional exercise and mental stimulation than they would get if confined at home all day.  The socialization can help those that are a bit shy, too.   It can also help acclimate your pet to boarding if you plan to leave him for quite a while the first time -- this way, he'll know you're coming back for him.  Finally, it can be a way for your friend to get any mid-day medications or physical therapy that might be needed after hospitalization or surgery while you are at work.   Day care starts at $10.00/day plus $6.00/day for VIP play time*.

We also take care of birds, rabbits, ferrets, and other "pocket pets" if you provide the cage, bedding, food, and other supplies.

Food is provided twice daily and consists of Science Diet canned and dry unless you request otherwise. Of course, fresh water is always available.   You are welcome to provide a supply of your friend's regular food and treats.  Please only bring enough for his stay with us (we don't have room to store a 40 lb bag of dog food for each boarder!), and please do not bring food or water dishes from home.  Although you can bring bedding and toys from home, we cannot be responsible for them getting damaged or lost since pets may soiled them or tear them up and since everything has to get washed and disinfected twice daily.

Medications will be provided to your pet as you instruct them.  Up to two medications can be given at no additional cost; additional medications or insulin or other injections are subject to additional, special care fees.  AAHA regulations require that medications MUST come in a labeled bottle, i.e. please do not bring in unlabeled pills in plastic containers.

Check-in and Check-out Times.   Since boarding is charged by the number of nights, you can bring your pet in any time on the day of admission  and can pick him up any time the following day, and still just get charged for one night.  We ask that check in/out be between 8-noon and 2-6 weekdays,(South Bend times) so that the health care team can be tending to the animals before and after these times without interruption.   We can also arrange for Saturday evening and Sunday/holiday admissions and releases but these need to be arranged and paid for in advance.

Our KennelsVaccinations for distemper/parvovirus, rabies and bordatella (canine cough) are required for dogs.   For cats, we require distemper/upper respiratory and rabies vaccinations.  If your pet is not current on vaccinations, we can update those for you while here.  He will also receive a physical examination to be sure that he is healthy enough to receive those vaccinations and to alert you to other conditions that may need attention.  Flea and tick control is also required; if found on your pet, they will be treated at your expense.  Of course, any other veterinary care that desire can be performed while your friend stays with us.  You will be asked to provide us with numbers where you can be reached and limit of care you wish us to provide should your pet develop an illness while boarding as you will be financially responsible for care.  To protect both our staff and the environment in which other pets play from intestinal parasites, a negative microscopic fecal (stool) examination is required within the previous year of boarding.

Grooming Services are available for your pet.  However, the groomers' schedules tend to be booked well in advance, so we suggest arranging this when you schedule the boarding instead of waiting until check-in to make this request.   Click on "Grooming" above for more details.