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We now offer several Preventive Health Care Plans for dogs and cats.   The details for each species are on the next two pages.  These plans make it easier to give your pet the best care for a happy, healthy life. 


Have you ever wanted to provide your pet with the preventive care your veterinarian recommended but just could not afford it?  These plans allow you to do just that by spreading out the cost over a year AND receive a significant discount on top of that!  All our plans include a year supply of heartworm and flea prevention too.  Plus, you will receive a 10% discount on all other products and services that your pet needs during that year of enrollment.  There is a one time $50 enrollment fee.  The monthly fee, which varies by plan, will be charged to your credit card.  If the plan is renewed annually without lapse, there is no annual membership or further enrollment fee.  For specific details as to what is included in the plans, the amount of discount, and the monthly fee, see the page appropriate for your pet (dog or cat).  A little math will allow you to quickly see the savings but most plans approximate a 25-30% discount if all services are utilized!


This is not an insurance plan but rather Affordable, Preventive care on a budget:  a better way to keep your pet healthy.  Regular veterinary visits are crucial to keeping your pet in tip top shape by allowing your veterinarian to identify potential problems before they become serious and more expensive to treat.  Therefore all of the expected number of well-care examinations are covered, plus an extra one to cover an unexpected illness, and a progress exam so we can make sure your pet's illness is resolving appropriately.  Puppy & kitten plans also cover technician appointments.  The core vaccinations recommended for all ages are included and other vaccines needed for your pet's lifestyle are provided with a 10% discount.  Multiple microscopic stool (fecal) examinations and de-wormings for intestinal parasites are included, as is a full year supply of heartworm and flea prevention.   These also prevent most intestinal worms.  Not only does this protect your pet for an entire year but you will also receive any rebates the manufacturer provides for those purchasing a 12 month supply.  Members also receive 4 free nail trims annually, a complimentary interstate health certificate, and a 10% discount on all other products and services, such as boarding (including VIP upgrades), grooming, laboratory work, surgery, xrays, in-hospital or out-patient care, pet foods, supplies and medications.  Various plans include other services such as spay/neuter, dental cleanings, laboratory testing, and various health screening procedures.  For specifics, see the next pages.  If you want to get all the discounts but avoid the $50 enrollment fee, you can also purchase the entire plan at once.   Payment in full is required at the time of enrollment.


For more information or to purchase a prepaid plan, call us at 574-654-3129.