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Budget (Reduced Cost) Vaccinations


Although we truly believe that all pets should have a complete physical examination at least once a year, we realize that sometimes our clients' budgets just don't permit this yet they still want to keep their pet current on vaccinations or heartworm testing and preventive use.  We are now offering the option of a brief physical examination in conjunction with updating vaccinations and/or heartworm testing in outwardly healthy pets.  The examination fee has been reduced to $29 (subject to change); vaccines are the same as those giving during more detailed examinations so their fees are the same.  Certain restrictions apply:  First, the pet must be between 6 mos and 5 years of age.   Beyond this age, there is too much likelihood that the pet has some physical, dental, or behavioral issues that either need to be discussed or that will be discovered during a detailed physical exam.  Second, the pet needs to have had vaccinations previously, presumably at the time of a more thorough physical exam.  Congenital or hereditary defects hopefully would have been diagnosed and discussed at that time.  Third, the owners should not be noticing any medical or behavioral problems at home.  The presence of these would necessitate a more detailed examination and require a discussion and possibly diagnostics for which adequate time is not scheduled during these brief exams.  In fact, if a pet is scheduled for a "Budget Vaccination Examination" and the owner requests a particular problem to be examined or advice for it, then either a routine examination/consultation fee will be assessed or the owner will be requested to schedule a lengthier appointment, depending on the time available at the time of the request.  These appointments are only available on Wednesdays or in conjunction with drop off services such as boarding, grooming, or surgery appointments.  For these, however, you must request the Budget Vaccination Examination at the time of scheduling; if a full physical examination is performed because the owner requests conditions to be examined including behavioral discussions, the owner will be billed for that exam.