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We have professional groomers on staff who can clip, bathe, and otherwise beautify your pet.  Each includes a bath, nail trim, ear cleaning, and anal sac expression along with hair trimming or scissoring as desired.   Regular will lessen the incidence of skin problems and ear infections and will greatly reduce the amount of shedding that occurs in your house.   Flea control products can easily be given while your pet is here, and if you are experience problems with these pesky parasites, there's no better time to fog the house.

Grooming is done by appointment only, and they tend to fill up well in advance  so be sure to plan ahead for this service.  Many clients make a standing appointment every 4-6 weeks to be sure their fluffy friend is always looking first rate.  Another great time to schedule a is when your friend boards with us, too!  For a coupon to save $5.00 on your pet's first , click on "Other Features" above, then "Coupons."

Another service that can be added to the is the FURminator Shedless Treatment.  This treatment, in combination with a special bath, helps to remove loose hair and undercoat to lessen shedding up to 90% for up to 6 weeks.  It can be used on dogs and cats and is especially effective for undercoated breeds.  By lessening shedding and dander release into your home environment, it also reduces allergies in people, and it lessens hairballs in cats.


Tiffany with Groomed dogIf you prefer, you can reserve our elevated tub, a towel, and a blow dryer for an hour's use for a minimal fee.  You provide the shampoo and the labor, and we get to clean up the mess!   It saves wear and tear on your back, too!

Tiffany is a graduate of school and has been for several years. She has also worked in the clinic as lead kennel tech since 2006. She is currently scheduling appointments on Mondays & Fridays or upon special request.