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Employment Opportunities

Do you love animals?  Have a desire to learn more about animal care? Want to work in a fast-paced, ever changing environment?   Then consider applying to work with us!

We are always glad to accept resumes from enthusiastic, hard working, dependable, team oriented people who wish to join our team of veterinary health care professionals.

When we've surveyed current employees, these are some of the statements we hear repeatedly:
"I enjoy doing something different every day - you never know what is going to walk in the door"
"The teamwork - having co-workers that actually get along and that will step in to help each other even when it's not their department"
"The flexible hours make it easy to plan other activities in my life"
"I enjoy working with the clients and their pets.  I feel I can really make a difference in both their lives"
"Supervisors and management listen to my concerns and suggestions, so my opinions count"

* Uniforms
* Paid Training
(6 weeks for most positions) followed by automatic raise upon completion of training requirements and favorable review scores
* Overtime at time and a half
* Paid Holidays (and if you have to work it, pay is time and a half)
* Paid Vacations
* Paid Sick Days
(and you get paid for them if you don't use them)
* Paid Team Meetings including training sessions and goal planning
* Continuing Education Seminars fees paid for off-site meetings
* Profit Sharing
* Bonuses
when meet Team-set Goals
* 401-k Retirement Program
with employer matching
* Pet Care:  Free Exams; Reduced fee boarding; Food, supplies, medications at cost; AND $0.25/hour worked credit on account toward pet health care expenses

          Positions for which we may have openings:


Responsibilities include scheduling appointments, answering the telephone, setting up new clients and patients, preparation and maintenance of medical records, admitting and discharging patients, filling some prescriptions, over the counter sales, mailings, computer operation, financial transactions, and front office and reception area maintenance.  Receptionists will assume the responsibility for acquiring the medical and legal information necessary for the performance of their duties.


Technicians are responsible for hospital maintenance, assisting the doctors, laboratory procedures, radiology, client communication, medical procedures, pharmacy, inventory, daily treatment of hospitalized patients, rehabilitation, assisting in the operating room and maintenance of the OSHA and Hazardous Materials programs.


Assistants are responsible for assisting both the doctors and the technicians, performing basic laboratory procedures, filling prescriptions, maintenance of instruments and equipment, treatments and care for hospitalized pets, and hospital maintenance.


Ward personnel are responsible for the care of boarding pets, including handling & exercising, basic bathing, simple treatments, feeding, laundry, waste disposal, and cleaning.  They are also responsible for hospital and facility maintenance, indoors and out.


Groomers are responsible for bathing, clipping, and scissoring of pets presented for professional grooming, including nail trims, ear care, and anal sac expression.  They are required to notify the medical staff of abnormal findings on a pet and maintain their equipment and work area, including disinfection of housing facilities and equipment between pets. 

Please email, mail, or drop off your resume to:

New Carlisle Animal Clinic PC
8935 E. US 20,
New Carlisle, IN 46552