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In the labOur hospital is equipped to provide complete diagnostic services to determine the specific cause of your pet's symptoms so that we can treat it precisely.   Early diagnosis allows for less expense and better results.   Some of our laboratory services include in-house complete blood counts, blood profiles, urinalysis, heartworm testing including lyme disease, ehrlichiosis, and anaplasmosis, feline leukemia and feline immunodeficiency virus testing, microscopic fecal parasite analysis, urine cultures, semen evaluation, cytology, and others.   In-house testing allows for faster results and quicker treatment.  For more detailed tests or when time is less critical, we utilize the services of several other laboratories and universities which document quality control to be assured of accurate results. 

Dog getting X-rayOther diagnostic services include various types of Xray studies, ranging from survey or plain "pictures" to more in depth studies such as barium gastrointestinal series and contrast urinary studies.  We use digital xrays that give much quicker results and use less radiation, which then is safer for your pet.  When needed, we forward the X-rays to a board certified veterinary radiologist for his opinion as well.   When an Xray is not enough to tell us what is happening inside the body, an ultrasound enables us to see inside of organs or to even watch the function of the heart such as how well it contracts or how well the valves move.  Ultrasound images can even be sent over the internet for interpretation by a specialist for same day results.